And He took Abraham outside and said,
"Look up at the sky and count the stars
--if indeed you can count them."
Then he said to him, "So shall your offspring be." Genesis 15:5


The Institute Am HaZikaron (in Hebrew עם הזיכרון – People Of Memory) is a noncommercial research center studying the history and the heritage of the Jewish clans and families.

The Institute was founded in 1998 in Tel-Aviv, Israel. One of the main tasks of the Institute is the restoration of the history of concrete Jewish families in the context of the history of the whole Jewish people.

Am HaZikaron is dealing with the research of the origin of Jewish clans, searching the roots of modern Jews, is carrying out the research activity on the mentioned topics, develops and implements the youth, educational and social projects in Israel, the USA, and the countries of the former USSR.


The Project received supporting letters from two Israeli presidents, the former president Mr. Moshe Katsav and the ex president Mr. Shimon Peres. The Endorsement Committee includes prominent social and political figures. Below is the list of the 55 Nobel Prize laureates who endorsed the Project.

May remembrance of the past help to build a better world for all

Prof. Walter Kohn, USA, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, 1998

The heredity of the individual weaves into the history of the collective. From the dust of forgetfulness, the Am haZikaron project creates a meaningful narrative.

Prof. James Heckman, USA, Nobel Prize laureate in Economics, 2000

We very much appreciate the project "Am haZikaron"

His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, Nobel Prize laureate in Peace, 1989

I believe that the history of every people is fascinating, while the history of the Jewish People, persecuted during centuries, is fascinating in particular. This Project is extremely interesting and I support this undertaking.

Prof. Vitaly Ginzburg, Russia, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, 2004

The history and rich cultural heritage of the Jewish people must not be lost. The Am haZikaron Institute is dedicated to uncovering and preserving these important elements of Jewish identity, and I enthusiastically support its work.

Prof. Jerome Isaac Friedman, USA, Nobel Prize laureate in Physics, 1990

Collectively remembering history is indispensable for understanding human society. Jewish history forms an essential part of the history of mankind, giving revealing insights into numerous relevant aspects.

Prof. Richard R. Ernst, Switzerland, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, 1991

A nation without a past has no future.

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, Israel, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, 2004

I am happy to endorse this project which would seem to me is a worthy, though arduous, endeavor. I hope that the findings will be enlightening as well as historically significant. I have always found it fascinating to try to discover just how far back in time it was that the common ancestors of the eastern Mediterranean people lived. This program may lead the way to others. Thank you for offering me to join the list of endorsers.

Prof. Elias James Corey, USA, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, 1990

I find "Am haZikaron" project most interesting and wish the project luck. Moreover, I shall be pleased to join the Endorsement Committee.

Prof. Arvid Carlsson, Sweden, Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2000

I am delighted to endorse the "AM haZikaron" project and would further endorse Professor P. Berg's recommendation to include genomic data where possible, as an invaluable data source for future generations.

Prof. Mario Capecchi, USA, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2007

I endorse this project as a means of tracing genetic origins alongside the historical record.

Prof. Bruce Beutler, USA, Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 2011

I consider “Am haZikaron” as worthy project and fully support it. It would also be of great value  to collect genomic data along with geneological information with the long term possibility of integrating the two.

Prof. Paul Berg, USA, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, 1980

The unique and special history of the Jewish people should be recorded and preserved as a part of the history of the world. I endorse this effort and hope that scientific analysis of DNA sequences will enrich our knowledge of this history.

Prof. David Baltimore, USA, Nobel Prize laureate in Physiology or Medicine, 1975

As non-Jews of Scandinavian protestant origin, I can assure all that this work is also important to my family and to me.

Prof. Peter Agre, USA, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry, 2003



Family trees from 72 countries


Members of “Generations” project


Researches of history of Jewish clans



Family History Research

The research is aimed at restoring the American period of the history of your family and the reconstruction of the pre-American period of the history, connecting you to your ancestors who lived in European or other countries.

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Family Tree Poster

The family tree poster is simply the best possible presentation of your family tree. It is concise, clear, creative, beautiful and unforgettable. It nurtures closeness in the family making it an excellent present for wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday or any family gathering.

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Family Origins Certificate

The Certificate tells how, where and when the name appeared, who the first bearers were and how they lived, how the family migrated from country to country through the ages and who the prominent members of the clan were

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In 2006 the Institute completed the accumulation of the data on many centuries long history of 63 different Jewish clans consisting of data on thousands of people. The data allowed to demonstrate the preservation of certain properties within the clans, providing a principally new approach to the question of the longevity and the survival of the Jewish People. The results were published as a paper The Jewish People as a phenomenon of historical longevity: on the theory of meta-clans and the principles of survival.

The discovery was awarded the Zeiti Yerushalaim Prize for the contribution into the Jewish thought and a medal.





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